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Business Automation | WebReach Best Digital Marketing Agency

​If you’re a business owner then chances are you’re reliant on using several different software types to manage a leads lifecycle. You may be using one software that generates new contacts when you schedule appointments, another when forms are filled out, another for when managing within a CRM system and a marketing platform for broadcasting messages. One of the most common problems is that business owners are unable to efficiently manage their leads, based on their actions or behaviors taken. 

Gone are the days of having to manually create or tag contacts across platforms. 

Manually creating your new contacts or editing existing ones takes a lot of time–heck, it’s practically a job in itself.  And such responsibilities will take away from your time on doing more high-level activities toward growing or managing the business.

​That’s why most business owners either hire new account managers or outsource overseas to manage leads across platforms, thereby raising expenses. If you take this approach then your time may be freed up, however, your profits will shrink and you’ll also have spent time on training. 

WebReach is helping businesses with software automation. 

Managing your leads across platforms is crucial to your success.  If you’re using different software for your sales and marketing then chances are we can assist you with building systems to fully automate the lifecycle of your lead base.  WebReach will put processes in place that will help your business with tagging, grouping and creating contacts, based on the actions taken or not taken during campaigns. Our systems will free up your responsibilities, save you money while also allowing you to work more accurately and faster when launching new email or SMS campaigns. 

Systematizing your software so that it connects with other platforms is the future of business automation. WebReach can help you build a multi-step system that allows over 1,500 different apps to communicate with one another.  Now you can save time and energy by contacting WebReach to solve your lead life cycle issues.

Once you have your lead capture software connected to your CRM and marketing automation platform, you’ll see a rise in productivity elsewhere.  Once set up, you’ll finally be able to enjoy more free time.