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Google My Business Services | GMB SEO Expert - WebReach

​Profile Management Services

​Are you trying to drive more local traffic to your business or storefront? With the increase in mobile device usage, most searches are now for local destinations or services. As a result, Google has consistently made adjustments to its algorithm to put emphasis on producing results for such search queries. This adjustment has resulted in a completely different way of how search results are populated vs. what they used to be.

In the past when somebody searched for a service, all that there would be is organic search results. Later on, Google introduced “Adwords”  (otherwise now known as Google Ads) and was introduced to take priority over organic search results. 

Since an emphasis has been made on local search results, Google has introduced Maps results within the search results.  So nowadays, businesses are competing with not only Google Ads but also other companies in the local Map rankings. Google is giving priority to companies that use their products. That said, Google “My Business’ is the enabler tool that allows companies to put their business on Google Maps. It has become arguably the most powerful tool to accumulate website traffic and phone call conversions.

​In its earliest days, the tool was inefficient and not as much of a priority. Most companies still think that Google “My Business” is just another directory listing, however, those days are now over. Leveraging this free tool will allow you to leap over your competition–that’s if your profile is optimized for success. And if your profile is not one of the top 3 results, then you’re only reaching a small portion of your audience which is costing you money or preventing you from greater earnings.

Make no mistake about it; optimizing your profile so it’s visible on numerous search terms can be a tedious and laborsome task. That’s why it’s recommended to let a professional such as WebReach handle your Google “My Business” job responsibilities. After understanding your company goals, we’ll tailor your profile to achieve such milestones. 

On-Page Activities

With WebReach, you’re getting more than just an SEO company or local website design company.  When you hire us to manage your Google business profile, we’ll make posts, graphics, announcements and manage reviews. We’ll do everything in our power to maximize your profile!

Off-Page Tasks

Optimizing a Google business profile page goes beyond just working in the profile itself. In fact, there are several off-page SEO strategies that can enhance your Google map ranking.  When you hire WebReach, we’ll go beyond the know-how of your average marketer or agency and will implement such tactics to boost your map ranking, as well as, website ranking.